Egg drop vs Wonton soup

Egg drop vs Wonton soup, Egg drop has a predominantly salty and tangy flavor, while wonton soup has salty, tangy, spicy and sour flavors. Egg drop is easy to make, takes less time and can be ready in 5 minutes. Wonton soup is complicated to make and takes more time, but it has richer ingredients and a variety of flavors.

1、Egg drop

Introduction: Egg drop is a Chinese cuisine, its flavor is mainly salty and fragrant, commonly used ingredients are eggs, purple cabbage, tomatoes, cilantro, scallions, shrimp, fungus and so on. It is easy to make and takes less time.

Difficulty: Simple

Time spent: Short

Main ingredients: eggs, nori, cilantro, scallions, shrimp, fungus, etc.

Method: Pour the well-stirred egg mixture into the boiling water while stirring quickly, then add purple cabbage, tomatoes, cilantro, scallions, shrimp, fungus, salt, soy sauce, pepper, etc., stir well, and the Egg drop is ready.

Note: You need to stir well when adding the egg mixture, otherwise the egg mixture will be easily lumpy.

2、 wonton soup

Introduction:Wonton soup is a Chinese cuisine, the flavor of salty, fragrant, sour, spicy, common ingredients are beef, pork, carrots, shrimp, black fungus, mushrooms, eggplant, etc. You can make different fillings according to your own preferences, so there are a variety of ways to make wonton soup.

Difficulty: Medium

Time spent: Relatively long

Main ingredients: wonton wrappers, filling (pork, shrimp, vegetables, etc.)

Directions: Make the wonton filling and the soup at the same time. Then wrap the wontons in wonton skins, boil the wontons in water for about 3 minutes, fish out the cooked wontons into the prepared stock and the wontons are ready. The preparation of the filling and the soup is the key.

Note: Wrap the wontons with care, otherwise the skin will break when you cook the wontons. Don’t cook the wontons for too long.

3、Nutritional composition difference

Egg drop: Egg drop main ingredients are eggs, purple cabbage, tomatoes, scallions, shrimp, they provide protein, dietary fiber, vitamins.

Wonton soup: wonton soup has beef, pork, shrimp, various vegetables, it is rich in protein and dietary fiber. Using boiled broth to make wonton soup is more nutritious.

4、 suitable for the crowd notes

Egg drop vs Wonton soup

Egg drop: suitable for the general population, but those who are allergic to eggs can not eat.

Wonton soup: the elderly, children, pregnant women and people with weak digestive system can not eat too much wonton soup, Chew a lot when you eat wonton soup.

5、 suitable with food

Egg drop: rice, noodles. Generally after eating the main food drink a small bowl of Egg drop, the stomach and intestines will feel very comfortable.

Wonton soup: can be eaten with rice, steamed buns, noodles and other staple foods.

6、Some tips

Egg drop can be made in 5 minutes, it’s easy to do, it takes a short time, and it’s delicious, it’s very suitable for entertaining guests. Wonton soup is a traditional Chinese food, its filling has a variety of practices, and you can add a variety of seasonings, so wonton soup has a variety of flavors. There are many wonton soup recipes you can try and you can also add different ingredients to make a different wonton soup according to your preference.

Egg drop vs Wonton soup, they are both Chinese food, if you have time you can also try to make Egg drop and Wonton soup at home.

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