Hot and sour soup vs Wonton soup

Hot and sour soup and wonton soup are popular cuisines in China. Hot and Sour Soup vs Wonton Soup, they are very different in terms of texture, flavor, ease of preparation, and ingredients.

1、Hot and Sour Soup:

INTRODUCTION: Hot and sour soup is mainly sour and spicy in flavor. Drinking some hot and sour soup after eating a lot of greasy food will be very comfortable.

Ease of preparation: Simple

Time Spent: 10 minutes

Main ingredients: shredded meat, black fungus, tofu, eggs, etc. (ingredients can be adjusted according to personal taste)

Method: Add the ingredients to the boiling soup, then add vinegar, pepper, soy sauce, cornstarch and other seasonings and stir well.

Note: The soup will taste better if you cook it for a while longer, you can use beef, pork, lamb and other ingredients, while controlling the amount of pepper and vinegar according to personal preference.

2、Wonton Soup:

Introduction: The flavor of wonton soup is mainly salty and fragrant, some people also add a small amount of chili pepper and vinegar to flavor the wonton soup.

Difficulty: medium (the process of making wonton is tedious)

Time spent: 30 minutes

Ingredients: Wonton skins, filling (pork or beef, shrimp, vegetables, etc.), etc.

Method: make wonton filling, then use wonton skins to wrap wontons, then cook the wontons, and at the same time make the soup, pour the cooked wontons into the soup, add seasonings according to personal taste, and the wonton soup is ready.

Note: You can buy wonton skins from the supermarket, making your own wonton skins takes more time. Don’t cook the wontons for too long, or the wonton skin will break.

3、Nutritional difference:

Hot and sour soup: it is rich in protein, fiber and vitamins. Among them, shredded meat provides protein, black fungus and tofu are rich in fiber and vitamins.

Wonton Soup: the filling in wontons provides protein, carbohydrates and vitamins.

4、Note for the right people:

Hot and Sour Soup: be aware of the spicy and sour tolerance, people with allergies to chili peppers and vinegar or digestive sensitivities should eat with caution.

Wonton Soup: Making wontons is tedious. Elderly people, children and those with weakened digestive systems should not eat too many wontons at one time.

Pregnant women, diabetics and people with high blood pressure should choose the right ingredients. Hot and sour soup compared to wonton soup, hot and sour soup of sour and spicy flavor has a strong irritation, the people with bad stomach should eat less.

5、Matching food:

Hot and sour soup: with rice, noodles and other staple foods. Or a stomach-warming soup in cold weather.

Wonton soup: with rice, steamed buns, noodles, bread and other staple foods. Also wontons can be used as a staple food for breakfast, Chinese food and dinner.

6、Some tips about hot and sour soup and wonton soup:

Hot and Sour Soup is a Hunan dish known for its hot and sour flavor.

Wonton soup is a northern Chinese dish.

Both hot and sour soup and wonton soup can be made in various ways, you can add different ingredients, choose different chili peppers and make different fillings, you can make your favorite hot and sour soup and wonton soup. Hot and Sour Soup vs Wonton Soup each has its own characteristics.

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