Hi, thank you for liking the recipes I share.

I am a chef, living in China, I like to travel and read. Now I have been working in a restaurant for 6 years. I usually like to cook, and I like to add special ingredients to traditional recipes to make some innovations.

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I share a lot of Chinese dishes on my blog. If I have time, I will try more recipes and add Chinese ingredients to share with you more unique and delicious dishes.

There are many kinds of Chinese ingredients, and there are four main flavors: sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. I’ll add new flavors to a lot of traditional cuisines, bringing multiple flavors together. You can also try this way.

Hi, we have summarized various recipes, hope it can help you. You can also share your own recipes to more friends.

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You can use the text, pictures, videos from my blog, but please tag them from my blog.

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