Is wonton soup good for a cold

Is wonton soup good for a cold ? Wonton soup after a cold will replenish your body with nutrients and hydration, and you will feel warmer and your body recharged after having a hot bowl of soup. There are high protein ingredients in wonton soup that are helpful in restoring your health, and you can add ginger to wonton soup, which is also helpful in overcoming a cold.

1、Choose the right ingredients

Simmer chicken or beef and ginger for two hours to create a delicious and nutritious soup, making wontons with this soup is more delicious and also helpful in beating cold. Wonton skins: buy them from the supermarket. Making your own wonton skins will take more time. Filling: beef, shrimp, carrot, black fungus, eggplant, etc. You can choose according to your personal preference.

2、 Tips for drinking wonton soup after a cold

Make sure the ingredients are fresh, safe and hygienic. Don’t eat a lot of wonton soup after a cold at one time, chewing slowly when eating can help digestion and help restore health. People with food allergies should pay attention to the choice of ingredients. Is wonton soup good for a cold? I add a little vinegar to my wonton soup when I have a cold. Vinegar and ginger are good for cold. But don’t add cayenne pepper in it, cayenne pepper has an irritating effect on the throat and intestines, and may also aggravate the symptoms of a cold.

3、wonton soup recipe


Wonton skin: appropriate amount

Filling: beef, shrimp, common vegetables, etc.

Soup: soup cooked with beef or chicken

Green onions: appropriate amount

Ginger: appropriate amount

Cooking oil: appropriate amount

4、How to make wonton soup

1、prepare wonton skin, can be purchased or homemade.

2、To prepare the filling, puree the beef and shrimp. Then finely dice the vegetables and mix them well with seasonings (e.g. salt, minced ginger, minced green onion, soy sauce, etc.).

3、Put the appropriate amount of filling in the center of the wonton skin, wrap the filling with the wonton skin, pay attention to the technique of wrapping the wontons to avoid the wonton skin breaking when cooking the wontons.

4、Cook the beef or chicken for 2 hours, add chopped green onion and ginger to the broth, set aside the broth well.

5、Pour the wontons into the pot, turn on the heat and boil for 3 minutes.

6、Remove the cooked wontons from the pot, add the wontons to the prepared stock, add a little vinegar and chopped green onion and the wonton soup is ready.

7、You can also add different ingredients according to your preference.

Is wonton soup good for a cold? A bowl of wonton soup will make your body feel warm after a cold. Add ginger and a little vinegar to wonton soup, which are good for cold, and wonton soup contains beef, shrimp, vegetables and other ingredients, which can replenish your body with energy, vitamins, and dietary fiber, which are also helpful to restore your health.

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