Chinese chives recipe_chive fried with egg

Many Chinese people like to eat chinese chive fried with egg, it is a home-cooked dish that many adults do. The chinese chive fried with egg contain the fragrance of eggs and the deliciousness of chives, and the method is simple, it can be done in 10 minutes. It can also be eaten with rice or noodles.

My method is simple and convenient. The main ingredients are eggs, leeks, green onions, and ginger. Many people also like to add a small amount of shrimp skin to it, and the taste will be more unique. You can also try adding a little ketchup to it to give it a little extra sweetness. Although this recipe is simple, to make the perfect chinese chive fried with egg, you must control the size of the fire.

Boiled Dumplings_Leek and Egg Dumplings

Many people like to eat Boiled Dumplings very much, it is a traditional Chinese food. I also love Boiled Dumplings when I get together with my family, of which the leek egg filling is my favorite. It is fragrant and delicious, and the filling method is simple, and the leek and egg filling contains a variety of vitamins and crude fiber, and is rich in nutrients.

Eating Boiled Dumplings together as a family during Chinese New Year is a traditional custom, which symbolizes happiness. This is also a good memory of Chinese New Year when I was a child. Of course, there are many kinds of fillings for Boiled Dumplings. You can also add other vegetables and meats to them, and the taste will be different.

Egg Custard Bun__Chinese Steamed Custard Bun

The egg yolk bun is also called the Chinese Steamed Custard Bun. It is a traditional dessert in Guangdong Province, China. Many people like to eat two Egg Custard Bun in the morning. It tastes soft, waxy and sweet, and uses milk, eggs, butter, sugar and other ingredients. There are also different recipes for Egg Custard Bun, in which coconut milk, chestnut powder and other ingredients are added to make the flavor of the Egg Custard Bun more unique.

Many people also make Egg Custard Bun at home. The whole production process is more complicated. I also failed the first time to make Egg Custard Bun. After three attempts, I finally made the perfect Egg Custard Bun.

At last, you must turn off the heat and wait for 5 minutes. I made a mistake here the first time I made it. Hope you like my egg yolk bun recipe.

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