Blue watermelon

1, Is there a blue watermelon?

There is no blue watermelon in reality, the information about blue watermelon on the internet is a scam, you should not believe it. The color of watermelon has red and yellow, blue watermelon is the result of artificially dyeing the flesh of the melon or Using Filters + ps.

2、Is blue watermelon a scam?

YES. Blue watermelon is a scam, don’t buy blue watermelon seeds online.

3, online sales of blue watermelon seeds is real?

No, some people buy and try, many seeds do not germinate, also some seeds germinate can not get blue watermelon.

4, How do some blue watermelon pictures do it?

Blue watermelon is not naturally grown, it is the result of artificially coloring the flesh or Using Filters + ps.

5, What are the colors of watermelon?

Watermelons come in red and yellow colors and they are both delicious. There is no blue watermelon variety yet.

6, How to pick a delicious watermelon?

(1)、 Appearance: Choose a watermelon with smooth appearance, even color and dark green.

(2) 、Tapping sound: gently tap the watermelon with your hand, mature watermelon sound is lower and thicker.

(3) 、Texture of watermelon skin: if the texture of watermelon skin is clear and even, then it tastes better.

(4) 、Size: Medium-sized watermelons are sweeter.

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