The Samgyetang is very delicious. Its main ingredients are chicken ribs and ginseng, longan meat, yuzhu, astragalus, red dates, lily, cordyceps flowers and other Chinese medicinal materials, and then add a small amount of white wine and rice wine. These ingredients make Samgyetang less greasy and more delicious at the same time. And Chinese herbal medicine makes Samgyetang have good health care functions. I also added a small amount of wolfberry, you can also add other healthy ingredients according to your own preferences.

My Samgyetang recipe is very simple, prepare the ingredients, start the soup in 10 minutes, wait 3 hours and the Samgyetang is ready. Samgyetang can be enjoyed for lunch and dinner, it is nutritious and delicious, suitable for all ages.

Pregnant women and the elderly need more nutrition, I suggest you make Samgyetang 1-2 times a week, I hope you will like its deliciousness.

Xiaodiao Pear Soup Recipe

In China, when the weather is dry in autumn and winter, many people will make a pot of pear soup. Among them, Beijing’s Xiaohang Pear Soup is the most famous. It is a traditional Chinese dessert and has the effect of moisturizing the lungs and relieving coughs. It is very popular.

Xiao Diao Pear Soup mainly uses ingredients such as Sydney, rock sugar, plum, wolfberry, etc. The pear soup tastes sweet and delicious. Drink a bowl in autumn and winter or when you feel cold, you will be very happy and you will feel warm all over your body. You can also add other fruits to the small hanging pear soup, the taste will be more special.

Dried Longan__Dragon Eyes Fruit

Longan is a specialty fruit in southern China. It is rich in sugar and contains many vitamins. It is very delicious. Because longan is difficult to store for a long time, people make it into dried longan, which is more convenient to store. It is a delicious snack. It also has the effects of beautifying the skin, protecting blood vessels, and lowering blood lipids.

Here I make dried longan, which is mainly used to make tea. Drinking a cup at work can make the body healthier. I also call it health tea. I hope you like it.

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