Wonton soup vs Miso soup

**Wonton soup vs Miso soup**, making wonton soup is **more difficult and takes longer**, but it comes in a variety of flavors, including **salty, tangy, sour, and spicy**, and different seasonings can be added according to personal preference. Miso soup is a Japanese food, it is **easy to make and takes a short time.** The flavor of miso soup is determined by the miso paste added, which is mainly **salty and fragrant.**

Shrimp Chips__Homemade

Shrimp Chips are a traditional Chinese snack. Children like it very much. It is also a snack for many young people. Nowadays, many people buy Shrimp Chips from supermarkets. Today I make Shrimp Chips by myself. It is also very simple.

Shrimp Chips mainly use shrimp, vegetable juice, tapioca flour and other ingredients. The vegetables I use are spinach and carrots. They add color to the Shrimp Chips and make the Shrimp Chips look more beautiful and more delicious.

You can also add other vegetables or fruits to the Shrimp Chips and replace the vegetable juice with fruit juice. Some people add eggs to the Shrimp Chips to increase the nutrition of the Shrimp Chips. Hope you can make more delicious Shrimp Chips.

Shrimp Tofu

Shrimp tofu is very popular now. It combines fresh shrimp and tofu together, using two processes: frying and soup. You can also add different vegetables according to your preferences. I added enoki mushrooms in it. You can also add other vegetables, which will also be very delicious.

The method of shrimp tofu is simple, you will be very proficient if you try to cook it a few times, and it must be very popular to entertain friends.

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