Crucian carp

Jiyu Tang Soup

Jiyu Tang uses crucian carp(Jiyu), tofu, mushrooms, etc. as ingredients, and is made into fish soup through two processes: frying and stewing. It is rich in protein and is very easy to digest and absorb. It is very popular in southern China.

Jiyu Tang is different from other broths. It is lighter, suitable for all ages, and can be matched with many vegetables, which has high nutritional value. I did not use tofu in the Jiyu Tang I made today. You can add tofu when making it. I believe the flavor will be richer.

Chinese Fish Soup

The Chinese fish soup I made is also called tomato fish soup. Its main ingredients are crucian carp and tomatoes. Drinking a bowl will immediately warm the body and it is rich in nutrients. It is very suitable for pregnant women and middle-aged and elderly people.

You can add tofu, various vegetables, and other seasonings to the tomato fish soup to improve its taste and nutrition. It is very warm to drink the soup together as a family.

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