Lo mai gai_sticky rice in lotus leaf

Lo mai gai is a famous Cantonese dish in China. It is delicious, fragrant and simple to prepare. The main ingredients are glutinous rice, chicken, mushrooms, sausages, onions, etc. It uses two cooking methods: stir-frying and steaming. Lo mai gai has a long history in China, and now many people are constantly adjusting its filling method to make it more delicious.

The traditional taste of Lo mai gai is mainly salty and fragrant. Nowadays, many people add more ingredients, such as beef, shrimp, etc., and seasonings such as sugar and tomato sauce can also be added to make the taste of Lo mai gai more unique. You can also Try to make your own favorite sticky rice in lotus leaf.


The Samgyetang is very delicious. Its main ingredients are chicken ribs and ginseng, longan meat, yuzhu, astragalus, red dates, lily, cordyceps flowers and other Chinese medicinal materials, and then add a small amount of white wine and rice wine. These ingredients make Samgyetang less greasy and more delicious at the same time. And Chinese herbal medicine makes Samgyetang have good health care functions. I also added a small amount of wolfberry, you can also add other healthy ingredients according to your own preferences.

My Samgyetang recipe is very simple, prepare the ingredients, start the soup in 10 minutes, wait 3 hours and the Samgyetang is ready. Samgyetang can be enjoyed for lunch and dinner, it is nutritious and delicious, suitable for all ages.

Pregnant women and the elderly need more nutrition, I suggest you make Samgyetang 1-2 times a week, I hope you will like its deliciousness.

Chinese Braised Dim Sum Chicken Feet

Braised chicken feet in brown sauce is a famous dish in China. Braised chicken feet are also called braised chicken feet. Chicken feet are rich in calcium and collagen. Eating more has good beauty effects. Therefore, many girls like to eat chicken feet very much.

There are many cooking methods and flavors of chicken feet. Today we will introduce the method of braised chicken feet. It is simple and the taste can be adjusted according to your own preferences. Among them, spicy and spicy flavors are the most popular. If you like, you can try it once. It will definitely make you unforgettable.

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