House special mei fun

There are many recipes about mei fun, my favorite is still the House special mei fun made by my uncle when I was a child, it’s not complicated to make, when I grew up I quickly learned how to make the House special mei fun, but I feel that it’s not as good as the one made by my uncle when I was a child, maybe that’s the taste of the memory.

The main ingredients of the House special mei fun I shared are: mei fun , egg, ham, garlic, cabbage, carrot, etc. Its main flavors are spicy and fragrant, and sometimes I also add a small amount of sugar, which makes the flavor of the mei fun more unique.

The ingredients used in the House special mei funs are very common, but the flavor is very delicious, it is also a measure of your cooking skills of a dish, some people with excellent cooking skills can make a simple House special mei funs with a different flavor.

Vegetarian wonton soup

Vegetarian Wonton Soup is easy to make, the main ingredients I use are cabbage and apricot mushrooms, it can also be made with carrots, fungus, tofu, shrimp skin and other ingredients, that’s why a lot of people love it.

You can also add ingredients like beef and eggs to the filling and it will be even more flavorful. Many people feel that making wonton skins is a hassle, I like to just buy wonton skins or if you have more time you can make your own at home. I make Vegetarian Wonton Soup in both savory and sweet flavors, you can also add chili and vinegar to make a different flavor.

Pad woon sen

Pad woon sen is a home-cooked dish that is simple to make and uses common ingredients. Its main ingredients are vermicelli and cabbage, carrots, but you can also add other ingredients according to your own preferences, such as beef, pork, tofu, eggplant, tomato, bean sprouts, cucumbers, etc., adding different ingredients to make the Pad woon sen taste more special.

The flavor of my Pad woon sen is mainly salty, spicy and sweet. You can adjust the proportion of seasonings used in the three flavors, but don’t add sour flavor, otherwise it will affect the taste of the vermicelli. Pad woon sen taste best when they are first cooked, and will be less delicious when the dish cools.

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