brown sugar

Ma Lai Gao

Ma Lai Gao is a very famous delicacy in Southeast Asia. It is very similar to Chinese cakes. The taste is mainly soft and sweet. Mara cakes are golden brown, very fluffy and soft when eaten fresh, with a slight fragrance. If it is fully fermented, the color of the mara cake will become dark brown.

The Ma Lai Gao I made today will be fermented for 1.5 hours. If the fermentation time is longer, the color will be darker. You can try fermenting for 2 hours. I believe it will be very delicious. Some friends will add jujube to it to taste more unique.

Osmanthus Cake

Osmanthus cake has a history of more than 300 years. It uses glutinous rice flour, sugar, honey, and osmanthus as ingredients. It is a traditional Chinese snack. It is very popular in China and is a dessert for all ages.

The preparation method of osmanthus cake is simple. You can also add other ingredients according to your own preferences. The taste is soft and sweet, and has a fresh fragrance of osmanthus. The method I shared is the traditional sweet-scented osmanthus cake. You can also add other ingredients to make appropriate innovations according to your preferences.

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