Biang Biang Noodles (Biang Biang Mian)

Biang biang noodles is a traditional Shaanxi cuisine. It is also called oil splashed noodles because of the wide noodles. It is also called trousers noodles.

There are many ways to make Biang biang noodles. You can use various vegetables, eggs, meat and other ingredients to make a lot of dishes with seasonings, and then pair them with handmade noodles. It tastes very delicious. I believe there is always one you will like.

Chinese Fried Peanuts

In China, deep-fried peanuts are a home-cooked dish. It is indispensable when friends meet and drink. It is also called a dish to go with alcohol. It is simple to make, the core ingredient is peanuts, and the foods similar to it are: Vinegar Soaked Peanuts and Boiled peanuts.

Many of my friends will make mistakes when making fried peanuts, for example, it will be fried; or the taste is soft and not crispy enough. Today I will share some tips for you.

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