Lo bok go

Lo bok go is a traditional Chinese food, and many people in Guangdong Province like to eat Lo bok go. Its main ingredients are radish, sausage, mushroom, dried shrimp, sticky rice noodles, etc. Pan-fried Lo bok go is soft and delicious, and it’s cheap.

Now there are many ways to make Lo bok go. Many people add pork, beef, carrots and other ingredients to it to make it more unique. Lo bok go contains less calories, and many friends who lose weight like to eat it, and it is simple to make. Other vegetables can also be added if desired.

Shiu mai recipe_siu mai

Shiu mai is a Chinese delicacy snack with a beautiful shape like a blooming flower. Many people like to eat siumai for breakfast. It is similar to the preparation of Xiao Long Bao, the preparation method is simple and very delicious.

There are many ways to make Shiu mai, and the choice of ingredients is very important. I like to use beef, pork, glutinous rice, mushrooms, fungus, carrots, corn, green beans and other ingredients. You can also add your favorite ingredients. There are also many types, mainly based on ingredients and taste. Some friends like to have more chili peppers, sugar, etc. in it, so the Shiu mai produced in this way is more unique.

Jiyu Tang Soup

Jiyu Tang uses crucian carp(Jiyu), tofu, mushrooms, etc. as ingredients, and is made into fish soup through two processes: frying and stewing. It is rich in protein and is very easy to digest and absorb. It is very popular in southern China.

Jiyu Tang is different from other broths. It is lighter, suitable for all ages, and can be matched with many vegetables, which has high nutritional value. I did not use tofu in the Jiyu Tang I made today. You can add tofu when making it. I believe the flavor will be richer.

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