Red bean mochi

Matcha red bean mochi is a dessert that many people like. Its ingredients are glutinous rice flour, sugar, matcha, milk, red bean jam, and coconut. Because the main ingredient is glutinous rice flour, it has a soft, glutinous and sweet taste, and red bean jam and matcha are added to make the matcha red bean mochi even sweeter.

Many desserts are complicated to make, but matcha red bean mochi is easy to make, and you can add other ingredients according to your preferences, such as raisins, almonds and other nuts, or add various fruits, jams, etc. This will make it taste more unique.

Tofu pudding

The main ingredients of the tofu pudding I made are lactone tofu. The lactone tofu is more tender and nutritious, and I added matcha powder and yogurt to it. You can also add your favorite juice to make the tofu pudding more delicious. Perfect.

Tofu pudding also has other methods, adding egg white, honey and other ingredients to it. In summer, making a cup of tofu pudding can relieve the heat. It is a very favorite dessert for children, but it can be made in 10 minutes, which is simple, convenient and delicious.

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