Black Pepper Sauce

Many people like black pepper sauce very much. It can be used to make steaks and has a very unique flavor. In China, black pepper sauce can also be paired with noodles and rice, which is just as delicious.

The black pepper sauce I made is very simple, but delicious. When I usually cook, I often use black pepper sauce as a seasoning, which can increase the flavor of the dish, and it is also very nutritious, combining Chinese and Western food. I also tried adding some minced beef to it to make the sauce, which is very delicious with the noodles.

Roast Pork Bun

In China, roasted buns are very popular and are a kind of special delicacy. Many people use lamb to make baked buns. In fact, pork, beef and other ingredients can also be used, and a lot of vegetables can also be used. Everyone can make fillings according to their own preferences. This method can also make delicious baked buns. .

The roasted buns I made use pork and are made in an oven.
The traditional roasted buns are grilled on charcoal fire, which has a more unique flavor.

Salmon Head Recipe

My salmon head recipe uses salmon and onions as the main ingredients. Mainly use Chinese stew. Adding rice wine and other seasonings can remove the fishy smell and taste more delicious.

You can also add tofu, spinach, mushrooms and other vegetables to it, and use other seasonings. Friends who taste a bit spicy can add some peppers, I believe the taste will be very special.

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